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CMT Capabilities

CMT’s dedication to innovation is demonstrated by our team’s inventive ideas working with the customer base as well as with new and prospective customers on cost savings and efficiencies in stampings, welding operations and assemblies. In this creative environment the CMT team turns product ideas into business realities. Assistance in design and the quality production process, promotes the best in class recognition with many customers partnering with CMT. Our Impressive Press lineup of Minster presses creates components from very small and tight tolerance safety components, to the large structural components utilized in the automotive industry.

The latest technology in welding allows CMT the versatility in value added processes. This technology is housed in a work cell environment that assists in the prevention of weld defects such as micro-cracking and porosity. This complements CMT’s and Diversified Products existing manual MIG and TIG welding technology making CMT the customer's first choice for welding a vast array of Alloys, including Aluminum and Stainless and high alloy steels in tube diameters from ¼” to 10” for many market Sectors.

CMT has in-house capabilities for welding and assembling components in a complete assembly. Our team prides itself with the capability of Nut/stud welding, spot welding and MIG welding. An effective network of local suppliers for many ancillary processes ensures that customers get final product in the shape and finish they need. Processes outsourced include painting, coating, hardening, tempering, brazing, etc. All suppliers are ISO certified and are dedicated to honor our commitments to customers.