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Alternative Energy

CMT is expanding its presence in the Alternative Energy market, working on prototype and high production parts for the solar industry and is providing various stamped metal components and bent tubing for ground and roof mounted systems.

The solar system components are engineered components that are highly valued in their contribution to the overall system. As efficiency of systems improve, alternative energy manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their cost competitiveness in relation to the traditional power sources and CMT was in a position to provide engineering expertise to these customers.

CMT is supporting alternative energy customers out of its Spring Lake Diversified Products location. CMT’s Diversified Products 38,500 square foot plant has broad ranging capabilities in tube bending, metal stamping, welding and assembly. The facility currently supplies a broad range of customers in the recreation, solar, off highway and logistics, and
automotive markets.

CMT is moving towards a more diverse customer base and participating in Solar Energy allows us the opportunity to be involved in this important and growing market. Alternative energy OEs need suppliers who can bring more than capacity to the table and we’re pleased that our customers have recognized we are a collaborative supplier focused on low cost engineering and manufacturing solutions.