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At CMT we service our customers in various market sectors. Our customers are found in nearly every market segment including Automotive, Transportation, Alternative Energy, Appliance, Military, Construction, Monorail, Agriculture, Recreation Equipment, and Office Furniture, as well as many other target markets. The relationships CMT builds with our customers allows us to develop other relationships with an array of industries increasing our advantages over other suppliers. Our experience, expertise, capabilities and connections enable us to be your full-service supplier.

CMT division of CMT is in the ideal position to tackle the industrial challenges facing its customers. CMT delivers best-in-class technical and manufacturing expertise, combined with an insight into the expectations of the end customer and the trends shaping a multitude of markets.

Solutions  and Problem Solving
CMT is recognized for its ability to innovate its technological expertise and its industrial performance. Our customers require difficult tight tolerances, and processes that are common phases within our organization. The CMT strategy is to respond to the issues specific to each customer.